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My Message to Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank

In March, OnYou made it to the semi-finals of Cupid’s Cup – a business competition co-sponsored by Under Armour and the University of Maryland. It was held at Under Armour’s headquarters in Baltimore, MD and involved a direct pitch to their CEO, Kevin Plank.

Just a few weeks earlier, Plank had urged his company to pay over half a billion dollars for two fitness apps, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. The value of fitness apps now and in the future was made clear by the purchase price –but mobile apps are only as good as the device they run on. Similarly, these apps are only as accessible as the phones themselves.

I love seeing the expression on people’s faces when I show them OnYou. They’ve never seen a magnetic smartphone case. When I clip it to the outside of my pocket it’s not uncommon for someone to do a double take – expecting the phone to fall to the ground. But OnYou’s value proposition goes beyond novelty.  

As great as fitness apps are today – and they’re only going to get better - imagine how much more valuable they are when athletes can access their phones while they’re running, cycling, or at the gym. That’s what OnYou does: make smartphones more accessible for more activities. We free the apps, and in the process, enable people to use their phones in ways they never could before.


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