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Using Your Phone for Fitness

At OnYou™, we’re built around making your phone more accessible while you’re on the go and here are five reasons to keep your phone OnYou...

1. Safety First

We fantasize about those opportunities to be out on a trail, one with nature, and alone with our thoughts on a beautiful day. Then a bear comes out of nowhere and tries to eat you…

Don’t get eaten by a bear. And don’t get caught unprepared should an unplanned ankle twist leave you stranded on the trail. It’s a good idea to have a way to call for help in the event of an emergency! 

2. Music for Performance

I guess I’m probably not the first to discover your iPhone can play songs, but did you know science has proven music can boost athletic performance?  Studies have shown that music with a faster tempo will push people to work out harder and for longer durations , and music with heavier bass (it’s all about that bass) makes people feel more powerful

3. Tracking Progress

There’s a lot to be said for tracking your progress. “The act of measuring makes yourself aware of your decisions,” writes Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour series of books, who includes “Record Everything” as one of his six pillars in his Geek to Freak post. You can rely on your memory (I mean you can…I definitely can’t) or you can walk around the gym with pencil and paper and carry a map while you run, but we think the phone is the best option.            

4. Staying Connected

For a lot of us, going offline and being unreachable for an hour while we work out can be a blessing. For other, not so much. I don’t always respond to texts or phone calls while I’m running, but I definitely like the option. 

5. Photos

We can’t endorse those nefarious gym selfies…


But you go to a lot of cool places on your bike rides and runs. We love to see them! Share them with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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