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Continuing the Relationship

Our company’s business model is quite traditional. Customers give us money, and we give them a product they’ll love. It’s easy to feel as though that relationship between producer and consumer ends with the transaction. We hope it doesn’t.

Just like Maura in the clip above, we want to keep the relationship going. What we have together is too important. We hope you love our product – but even if you don’t we hope you’ll keep the relationship going by providing us feedback.

We’re so happy and proud to have recently shipped our orders to everyone that pre-ordered on our website or backed us on Kickstarter. Since we began this over a year ago - has it been that long?! – it’s the first time so many people will have the same iteration of our product and get to experience it in all aspects of their day-to-day lives.

Your different perspectives are our greatest resource for product design. It’s only the beginning for us and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas of how Version 2 can be even better. Tweet us! Reach us on Facebook! Or best of all, email me directly at Scott@OnYouStore.com – I’d like nothing more than to hear how we can solve problems for our customers more effectively.


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