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Magnets and Your Health

We get a lot of questions about magnets and how safe they are for people’s health. I think it has something to do with the mysterious nature of magnets in general. Most don’t understand how magnets work so they presume some inherent risk.

We are constantly surrounded by magnetic fields because the Earth itself is inherently magnetic – that’s why a compass will point north. These magnetic fields have no effect on our health whatsoever – positively or negatively. So magnets will not cause cancer nor will they aid in circulation, balance, or blood flow.

The reason is even though there is iron in your blood, it's made up of atoms that are too far apart for magnets to have any affect. While I don’t recommend this, you could test this by pricking your finger and spilling blood near a magnet. There won’t be any effect.  

While magnets pose zero threat to the human body, they can affect certain medical implants – pacemakers and insulin pumps, for example. Those equipped with such medical devices avoid direct contact (6 inches or less) with any magnets, including those found in our product.

We’ve done a lot of research around our product and put safety at the top of our list. Here’s a bit of scholarly research that backs me up.  

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