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OnYou Mobile Accessories – Four Questions for Drew

This blog tends not to focus on founders – Drew and myself – because I believe so much in the products we make: truly innovative mobile accessories designed for athletes. As a change of pace, though, I wanted to introduce the people behind OnYou. First up: Drew Wende.

Drew attended Fairfax High School and received his formal education at James Madison University with a degree in Kinestheology. He deviated briefly from the fitness world after college– starting his own successful business at just 23 years old riding the food truck wave that hit Washington DC in the late 2000s. This year Drew reverted all of his energy back to the fitness world and getting OnYou into the hands of athletes, but he still attests to making the best cheeseburger in the world.

Q: Why did you put everything on hold to help start OnYou?

Drew: I believe in the idea and the innovation behind the product. I’ve always been interested in consumer products I love the opportunity to get involved in everything from conception to product launch and everything in between. I’m repeating myself, but I just believe in the idea so much. (Laughing) It’s too much work making this a success that if I didn’t care about it as much as I do I just wouldn’t bother.

Q: What do you believe makes OnYou different?

Drew: Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is the way we make accessories differently – more functional. Our cases use magnets, our compression sleeves aren’t like what you’re used to seeing. What that translates to more broadly, I guess, is we take existing applications, find pain points for consumers, and improve upon designs to make products that are better. I’m a big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs and that’s what they always did. They didn’t really invent new products. They took existing products – an mp3 player, a smartphone – and made them better.  I don’t want to compare us to Apple just yet, but I like that we take the approach of not just making things differently, but making them better.

Q: Where do you see the company heading in 5 years?

Drew:  At this point I’m just thinking about what I have to do in 5 minutes. 5 years? Hopefully dominating the mobile accessories market, but I’ll take having a few loyal group of athletes that appreciate the thought we put into designing our products.

Q: What’s one thing you want everyone to know?

Drew: You’re going to mention my cheeseburger skills, right? Then I guess I want to express my passion – I get obsessed with everything I’m involved with and I’m eager to see this through to success. I don’t like to leave anything unfinished.

Thanks, Drew!


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