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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

As kids, waiting seemed like agony. I can remember being young and panging over just 15-20 minutes for something to happen. As adults, waiting doesn’t feel as much of a hardship perhaps because we do it so much we have gotten used to the anxiety. I’ve certainly had to get used to it since starting OnYou, though it’s something to which I must ardently strive NOT to grow accustomed.  Worst of all, in the early days of this business  I’ve already made our customers and Kickstarter backers wait for their products – something they (you) shouldn’t have to do.

I intend to send out our products this week. That intention is based off the date from our manufacturer who we’ve been working extremely closely with for the past several weeks and through a number of delays. In defense of our manufacturing partner: our products aren’t easy to make. What’s more, unlike pizza (a bad pizza is still pretty good) and sex, for that matter, a bad set of magnetic components isn’t good for anyone.

The quality is there. I have the first production sample. I use it every day and absolutely love the functionality it adds to my phone.

The inventory is coming. It’s been a struggle fighting inertia but we’re excited to see the ball start to get rolling.

To our customers and Kickstarter backers, thank you for your patience and support!


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