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A False Dichotomy

How do you feel about technology playing an increasing role in your fitness routine? In the few posts I have on here, I’ve already claimed how much I like to check my phone – even when I’m working out. My incessant need to check my phone was largely the reason for our products.

A few days ago I was shown a video “social experiment” Nature Valley Granola Bars made lamenting technology’s role in destroying today’s children. The video made it clear that kids play on their iPads too much and don’t spend enough time building forts outside and eating wholesome, granola goodness.

The video’s message is nothing new and seems to echo the sentiments of my parent’s generation, if not my own as well: Look at how fast technology is changing and all the negative effects it is having on society. Humans are predisposed to fear change and it’s understandable. Change means adapting. Adapting means decisions must be made, and any correct decision could be just as easily replaced by an incorrect decision.  

We should fight this predisposition of fear and embrace technology for what it is and what it can be. Lamentation and fear not only do society a disservice but overlook the existence of choice. I think about this choice every time I hear a serious runner scoff at the idea of running with a phone. “I like to hear my breath, be one with nature, and be disconnected.”

Why the dichotomy? Keep the features you want, skip the ones you don’t, and embrace the advantages of technology while choosing to avoid the downsides.


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