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4 Questions for a Safe Run

Whether you’ve been running for years or are just getting started, here are some important questions to ask yourself to keep you safe on the roads.

Did you let someone know? It’s always a good idea to let someone know before you go out on a run. Tell somebody before you head out the door or leave a note on the fridge. If you live alone, try arranging a buddy or relative to whom you can shoot a simple text over every time you hit the trail. It doesn’t have to be complicated: Hitting up the lake trail now off of Mile 9 – be back by 7! Just make sure to always include your start time, planned route, and when you plan to be back. That way your loved ones will know to come look for you if needed.

Do you have a plan? You’re a few miles in on your route, perhaps late at night or early in the morning when visibility isn’t so good. There’s a gap in the trail that you can’t see and you badly turn your ankle. What now!? Many folks like to have their phones on them to listen to music while they run, but even if you don’t it’s always a good idea to keep a cell phone on you should the unexpected occur. OnYou has an innovative magnetic smartphone accessory and compression sleeve ideal for runners that want to keep their phones accessible.

Are the drivers on the road at the top of their game?  You had a good dinner, went to bed extra early and got out the door before sunrise with plenty of time to get your long run in before work. You’re definitely on top of your game – but that may not hold true for everyone else on the road. If you’re running near roadways, particularly during those runs late at night or early in the morning, make sure to use extra caution and consider the drivers sharing your road may be overtired or just not as attentive.

Can other people see you? It’s always a good idea when running to pretend you’re invisible – meaning do NOT assume drivers can see you and always use extra caution around roadways. Another great way to stay safe is by wearing high-visibility, brightly colored clothing. When out near or after sunset, reflective materials are a must. A reflective vest, reflective bands, and anything with LED lights are the best way to increase the odds of motorists seeing you.


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