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The Power of Morning Routines

Do you have a routine you stick to every morning, weekday, or maybe just on Sundays? After reading about decision fatigue, I’ve become fascinated by the concept of getting into routines to accomplish goals of all sort: personal, professional, fitness, etc.

I’d love to hear what some of your routines are and why you’ve chosen them. I’m particularly interested in morning routines as the morning is the time in which I feel most in control of my schedule before things pop in and mess up the day. Send me your thoughts! Tweet us! Email me at Scott@OnYouStore.com or reach us on Facebook! Hope to hear from you!

To get us started, I’ve shared my morning routine that I try to perform every weekday and hope to eventually incorporate into my weekends as well.

6:30am – Wakeup and eat breakfast

6:50am – 10 minute meditation

7:00am – Walk to Starbucks, read, and write

7:55am – Gym, shower

9:00am – In the office

Nobody’s perfect, least of all me. Traveling and early appointments can mess this up a bit, but the more I practice this routine the easier I’m finding it to perform consistently.


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