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Goals and Community

I always wanted to be one of those people that could get up early and workout before work. I’d read study after study on how those were the most likely individuals to stick to a routine successfully. For whatever reason, though, I could never do it.

That changed when I found a workout partner. The desire to stick to an agreed upon time to meet in the morning and workout was enough to respond to my alarm the first time and get out of bed. I felt a sense of peer pressure and probably instilled the same pressure on my buddy so that we both stuck to a routine. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg explains it was a sense of community that enabled me to change my habit.

Are you part of a workout group or running team? Does it help you stick to a routine or develop a positive habit? I’d love to hear about it and even provide product demos to see what everyone thinks so please let me know! Tweet us! Email me at Scott@OnYouStore.com or reach us on Facebook! Hope to hear from you!


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