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Podcasts: Another Reason to Keep your Phone OnYou

We make and sell mobile accessories so I’m not shy about finding reasons to encourage you to keep your phone nearby – but podcasts have become near and dear. I have to drive a lot and as we go to more race events this fall that looks trend looks to only grow stronger. I’ve now become numb to Drake and who knows if Frank Ocean’s album will ever come out, so podcasts have become my go-to for automobile entertainment. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Tim Ferriss Podcast

The author of the Four Hour Workweek, Four Hour Body, and Four Hour Chef always has interesting guests and focuses on productivity hacks and tips on nutrition and fitness. The show can be a bit like taking your medicine at times: episodes can stretch past the two hour mark, Tim constantly throws in not-so-subtle plugs for the companies in which he’s invested, and one can reach “Optimization Fatigue” when he goes into the best way to cook eggs for maximum nutritional absorption (hint: cook the whites fully but leave the yolks undercooked…or whatever). With that said, the podcast inspired me to learn how to code, take meditation more seriously, and eat a healthier diet – all plusses for which I’m thankful!

Storycorps Podcast

One of many NPR podcasts I enjoy, Storycorps is great. The podcasts are short – usually 10 minutes or so – and poignant. The show is incredibly simple: a theme is chosen, and one or two conversations from everyday people are recorded, edited down, and presented in a way that’s engrossing.

Tara Brach and Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

I mentioned meditation a bit above with Tim Ferriss, but these two podcasts really get into it. I was turned on to Jack Kornfield by a friend who attended one of Jack’s retreats and found Tara Brach through the Kornfield podcast. The podcasts are fairly redundant – Jack and Tara know and work with each other, share the same anecdotes, and reference each other frequently – but I enjoy them both. Tara’s podcasts are often supplemented with guided meditations while Jack’s stories are often told in a more animated way.

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

Friends have to get tired of me referencing something I heard on a Pete Holmes podcast but it can’t be helped – I love it. The first time I listened to Holmes I almost turned him off after five minutes. His mannerisms are extremely unique and border on obnoxious, but if you get past it the mix of interesting topics and humor make for an incredibly entertaining show. I think what separates this podcasts from others is Holmes’ incredible conversational and interviewing skills. He keeps a great pace and asks his guests questions that I’ve never heard answered before. Better still, he offers what I consider to be the perfect degree of challenge when the responses are too banal, self-serving, or unclear. Holmes once appeared on Jack Kornfield’s podcast (you can imagine my giddiness) and exemplified that gentle challenge perfectly when Kornfield touched on astral-projection. Check it!

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