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Favorite Cycling Trails around Washington DC

Normally Scott updates the website but I wanted to share some of my experiences. I’m not much of a runner but I love biking and the OnYou magnetic smart phone case is great for cyclists. So for my biking brothers, I outlined my personal favorite bike trails right here in Virginia.
Anglers Ridge (Danville Virginia, 33 miles total)
While I have biked many trails throughout the years here in Virginia I have really enjoyed Anglers Ridge
(Danville Virginia) for various reasons.  All the trails are flowing and mix technical areas like rock gardens
and rooty climbs with creek crossings and smooth hard pack.  I have found bridges, gravity drops, tight
switchbacks and moguls to be the most exhilarating of what this trail has to offer.  The greatest benefit
of this trail system is the flow.  The climbs are equal in part to the downhills.  Not too long and always
worth the extra climb!
The Southern traverse (Harrisonburg, Virginia, 32 miles)
While attending college down in Harrisonburg Virginia (JMU-GO DUKES) I found The Southern Traverse. 
This ride has variety and tons of it.  With twisty, smooth, steep, narrow, rough, and mossy surfaces it’s
sure to challenge any ride of any skill.  The snaking trail follows the ridge south and is an eclectic mix of
smooth and fast downhills and technical rock gardens. 
Ferry Farm Mountain (Fredericksburg VA 10 mile trail)
For a shorter trail ride the Ferry Farm Mountain has to be one of my all time favorites.  It is a single track
trail and has been a well kept secret by locals for years, but as of late many bike shops have been
handing out directions to the trail.  I recommend going on a group ride first as the trails are a big spider
web of single-track that are incredibly easy to get turned around and lost.  
Duncan hollow Mountain (Woodstock Virginia 13 miles)
Throughout the years I have found d myself searching for trails as difficult as this one.  The Duncan
hollow mountain trail will challenge even the most skilled mountain biker.  This trail begins as a single
track that crosses many damp ditches.  The early part of the trail is very rocky and can be extremely
muddy after a nice rainfall.  After about 4.8 miles the terrain turns to steep rock hills which can be
incredibly dangerous to the novice bike rider.  This trail is for experienced riders only.

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