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The Coffee Challenge

I love designing and bringing new products to life, but now that OnYou has inventory I need to start selling - not an innate skill of mine, for sure. On a recent Tim Ferriss podcast I heard Noah Kagan describe the Coffee Challenge. The challenge is simple: go to a coffee shop, order a cup of coffee, and with no justification ask for a 10% discount at the register.

The idea of the challenge is to simply take one’s self out of his or her comfort zone when there isn’t risk. After all, a Starbuck’s cashier only has so many means of retaliation in her arsenal: a curt, “no,” and…that may be it. Theoretically, one should always ask for 10% off before making a purchase. What’s the worst that could happen? Cue Aziz bit…  

It’s scary, but I often think about how much I’ve missed in life because of fear. I need to carry the idea of discomfort for the sake of this business, but can you apply the message to your life? If you’re single can you ask a guy/girl out? If you’re at work can you ask for help with a problem, or request a promotion?

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