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The Unintuitive

OnYou designs magnetic mobile accessories – an intuitive idea requiring unintuitive solutions!

Movies and television teach us street smarts and intuition is all you needs to get by, but it struck me today for some reason, how valuable the unintuitive can be.

In college I was fortunate to receive informal poker lessons from true experts of the game who not only understood the intuitive decisions and subsequent mistakes people make in poker, but how to take advantage of them.

Later in life I was introduced to yoga and quickly learned what felt natural and correct was often wrong. The proper poses – the unintuitive poses – felt so unnatural only after years of sinking into my couch cushions to watch Law & Order, but they’ve been incredibly beneficial to body and mind.

Doctors and scientists go beyond the intuitive to make medical discoveries. Artists go beyond the intuitive to make novel portrayals of life. Brokers, accountants, and lawyers use what’s unintuitive to take all our money (just kidding…sort of), and I invest my time and energy to make mobile accessories better.

I’m not sure what’s suddenly sparked my new appreciation of the unintuitive but I’d love to hear more examples. Tweet us! Reach us on Facebook! Or best of all, email me directly at Scott@OnYouStore.com


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