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Much to my dismay, OnYou is still a very unknown commodity. Obscure. The indie-est of the indie, but I just read a story about bamboo that made me feel better.  

According to the story (zero fact-checking involved) bamboo seeds are planted and tended to for years without showing so much as a sprout above ground. After years of development, the bamboo shoots sprout up 30 feet in the air over the course of a few short weeks. What that means is these bamboo farmers had to get up every day to water, fertilize, and weed their unseen bamboo crops – working purely on faith that one day their work will pay off. An onlooker may interpret the eventual and sudden bamboo growth as an overnight success for the farmer, but having tended the fields for years, the farmer knows better.  

I don’t see any allegory as it relates to starting a business. I just wanted to show off my strong bamboo knowledge. 


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