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I learned a new word yesterday: grok. It means to empathize, communicate sympathetically, or to establish a rapport. I found the word significant because it’s ultimately what I’m looking to get out of anything with which I’m involved.

I was fortunate to go to Australia last spring, and amidst all the sites and activities, one of the most memorable events was a breakfast at a beachside café. The coffee and avo-toast were mediocre but there was some major grok afoot.

When I go to a restaurant with friends I want the steak and wine to be good, but that’s not why I go to a restaurant with friends – that’s just the cover. I go because I want to connect with those whom I’m sharing an experience. I realize the same goes for everything I do with OnYou. I’m trying to reach people and understand what their needs are and how I can help. I’m looking for that grok.

If we can do that – I think the products will sell themselves. So, uh…let’s grok. Tweet us! Reach us on Facebook! Or best of all, email me directly at Scott@OnYouStore.com


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