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It seems every time I see an artist interviewed their process is the main topic of discussion. Ultimately, we all want to do know how people make the things they make.

I picture authors sitting at their typewriter by candlelight, resembling Ernest Hemingway with a lit pipe and adorned, for some reason, in that iconic sailor’s cap. I picture songwriters alone in their room, draped over their guitar to scribble lyrics in a notepad, again wearing the same hat – but this time for the express reason of resembling Ernest Hemingway.

We have these ideas of where we work best and what we need to get into flow, but I wonder how accurate these ideas can be. There probably aren’t a lot of writers typing manually by candlelight, and the ones that are probably aren’t at their best while doing so – preoccupied as they must be with aesthetics. But there is a place for aesthetics, pomp, and ritual.

I’ve been trying to meditate a lot recently and can’t seem to do it in the same chair I just watched Narcos. The same goes for work. It’s difficult to get anything done in my living room. As I write this now I’m sitting in a Starbucks.

For designing products, we get our best ideas while speaking with consumers. That’s just the environment where ideas spring to life. So if you’ve purchased an OnYou please let me know your thoughts, and if you haven’t, I’d love to know why. Tweet us! Reach us on Facebook! Or best of all, email me directly at Scott@OnYouStore.com


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