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I’ve recently focused my mornings on visualizing the day ahead. I know it sounds incredibly new-agey but hear me out.

Each night I take a few minutes to schedule the next day- usually to the hour. In the morning, I take a few minutes to visualize my day, going through each part of my day. By doing so, I get a pretty good idea of how my day will go and, most importantly, I identify what I refer to as the trouble areas.

Say you’re planning on carving out an hour to run after work. From 6pm-7pm you’re going to run before an 8pm dinner with friends. By visualizing each step in the schedule, you may notice after work and traffic you like to get a snack in the kitchen. Perhaps you always eat the snack in front of the TV. Of course, you finish the snack before the show you’re watching ends, so you stay on the couch for a few extra minutes. By now it’s 6:05 and you haven’t changed out of your work clothes. You head to the bedroom to get into your running gear when your mother calls. Twenty minutes later you’ve made it into your Brooks with three buttons of your dress shirt still done up. Finally, you lace up your kicks and on your way out you glance at the clock: 7:15. It’s over.

Has that ever happened to you? By visualizing your day you can prepare yourself for whatever challenges you face. When I walk into the house I’ll change immediately. I’ll grab a little bite, eat on the front porch and head out the moment I’m done.

I’ve found it helpful. Let me know what you think. Tweet us! Reach us on Facebook! Or best of all, email me directly at Scott@OnYouStore.com


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