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The Realness

I cracked open Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance and really started enjoying it. One excerpt got me thinking and goes:  

As a medium, it’s safe to say texting facilitates flakiness and rudeness and many other personality traits that would not be expressed in a phone call or an in-person interaction.  

He’s talking about dating, and to be clear, I have not exchanged any phone cases for dates (although I’m open to it if you think it’ll help). Also important to note: all of our customers have been incredibly kind and any negative feedback we’ve received has been constructive (and welcome). The excerpt, for me, is more about highlighting the value we see in the in-person interactions we have with runners, cyclists, customers, and anyone interested in our product.

Seeing physical reactions and hearing initial questions or objections as they pop into peoples’ heads are invaluable. Plus, interacting with people in person is a lot more fun than social media.

Aside from personal enjoyment, the realness lets us know what’s most important to consumers. So follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see where we’re at and roll through!


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