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Options for Days

I’ve mentioned Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance – it’s a good one. He makes interesting points on the pros and cons of choice.

On dating, he notes the advent of mobile phones and dating apps have provided singles – particularly those in big cities – virtually endless options. The phone is akin to a singles bar in your pocket that’s open 24/7.

For sure, technology has long done the same for commerce. People go to a store and see a limited selection of a type of good. The internet allows people to literally see every product in every store. This can be daunting for makers of consumer goods, but for us it’s definitely an opportunity.

The internet has made our product readily available and has helped get our company off the ground. The increased competition means we have to keep making products consumers need and I’m happy to say we’re doing that with our latest! To be released this winter, OnYou for the iPhone 6 and 6s!

More details coming on OnYouStore.com, Twitter (@OnYouStore) and Facebook.com/OnYouStore!


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