OnYou: Magnetic Mobile Accessories

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Chasing Perfection

Perfection is the enemy of progress – at least that’s what I’m told many, many times by benevolent onlookers. I’ve been guilty of holding things off until they’re just right and criticized for it by people I respect a great deal.


Ok...maybe I'm getting a little carried away

We’ve had a new product in the works for a while now and we’re finally getting close to release. I couldn’t be more excited. After countless redesigns I feel comfortable saying we’ve created the best mobile accessory for a runner that exists. I couldn’t say that about the Kickstarter rewards we rushed to get to our beloved backers and early preorders, but I can say it now. I hope you’ll agree.

More details coming on OnYouStore.com, Twitter (@OnYouStore) and Facebook.com/OnYouStore!


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