OnYou: Magnetic Mobile Accessories

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1. How heavy is OnYou?

The case itself comes in just under 2 ounces - that's lighter (and thinner, by the way) than the most popular Otterbox® models.

The entire unit: case, backing, and armband weighs in at 6.24 ounces. We designed this for runners, cyclists, and athletes. We aren't going to weigh you down!

2. Are magnets safe?

Magnets are completely safe for you and your phone. The magnets we use have no impact on data, call quality, signal reception, or battery life, and pose no health risks to the natural* body.

*Individuals using certain medical devices (e.g., pacemakers) should avoid strong magnets of all types, including those found in OnYou.   

Magnets, in some cases, may affect the compass when in direct contact with the phone (just remove the case and you're right as rain), however, our cases will NOT impact your GPS while driving (Google, Apple, Waze, etc) so feel free to use OnYou in the car and never fear getting lost! Email Info@OnYouStore.com for a nerdy, detailed explanation where you can expect to see the word "triangulate" several times.

3. Will my phone really stay on while I run? I'm pretty fast.

We're always putting up new demos on our Instagram showing just how strong and reliable are cases are - even for the most intense workouts. Here's my favorite: Instagram: @OnYou.Store

4. Will you offer cases for phones other than the iPhone 6 & 6s? 

We sure will...but not at this time. Interested in an OnYou for your phone? Email us and let us know! Info@OnYouStore.com

5. When can I expect my OnYou to ship?

We sold out of our initial order and are expecting our next shipment to arrive in our warehouse February 12th. 

6. What about returns?

Please refer to our Refund Policy.